B A T : concerned with individuality

Amelia Teniere Buchot graduated from Central Saint Martins in 1999 and worked at many prestigious fashion houses before creating her own label B A T.

In 2016, Amelia Teniere Buchot debuts her label with Nyctalope, her first collection, during Paris Fashion Week.

B A T hijacks the classical references of a mixed wardrobe : creating « A-GENDER » clothing built around the shared senses and movement.

The collection is a mono product range; it merges technical audacities around the worlds finest jerseys and fleece, woven in Japan (double face, padded, paneled, embroidery, crochet…) underlining a strong and innovating identity.

The 1st season, named NYCTALOPE (those who can see in the dark), is born of a universe of illusion and MIRAGE represented by alternative graphics and textures.

Amélia Teniere Buchot’s decidedly modern approach to design is deeply rooted in her masterly knowledge of combining elements of a repertoire based on an innovative fusion of Sportswear and Couture 2.0.